Anaconda is a steel looping coaster located at Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA. Designed by famous rollercoaster designer Ron Toomer of Arrow Dynamics. Anaconda was not the first coaster to occupy the space, in 1977 Kings Dominion opened King Kobra which was a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop; the ride was Kings Dominion’s first launched coaster and their first coaster with an inversion. In 1986 King Kobra was closed and Arrow Dynamics was contacted to build a multi-inversion coaster, which opened in 1991.

After you board your train and are dispatched, you go down a small hill and then start your climb up the 128 feet tall lift hill, after you reach the summit you curve right and drop 144 feet into an underwater tunnel all while having your photo taken, you the go through the 100ft tall loop, then a 90ft sidewinder, and then into the block brakes. After you are released from the block brakes at a near crawl you navigate a section of track until you get to a set of double corkscrews, after the corkscrews you head under the lift and into the breaks.

Anaconda hardly ever has a line due to its capacity of 1400 riders per hour. The ride has featured two color schemes one which was black and orange, and the current red, yellow, and green. The ride is now towered over by Intimidator 305.

The Coaster Crew filmed this POV for Kings Dominion during the production of Mind Bugs

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