The Lost World Complex

In  1979 something massive rose from the ground. The Lost World was Kings Dominion’s largest capital investment at the time. Opening four years after the park opened in 1975, the 170ft tall mountain housed three attractions… Land of Dooz, Journey to Atlantis, and The Time Shaft. The cost to build The Lost World was 17 million dollars.

After one year of operation, the Journey to Atlantis was changed to the Haunted River. In 1984 the Land of Dooz was changed to Smurf Mountain, which was the nickname for the mountain after that period. The three rides were located inside and outside of the mountain.

The Time Shaft was rotor themed with strobe lights and music. Land of Dooz/Smurf Mountain was a powered mine train ride through the mountain past several animated scenes. Journey to Atlantis/Haunted river was a boat ride through the mountain with heavily themed spooky scenery, much like the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyworld.

After many years of operation, The Lost World mountain became dormant through the early to mid 90’s until Volcano: The Blast Coaster was introduced in 1998.