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2015 – What’s in the Works?

Alright KD fans, its time to take a close look as to what is going on at Kings Dominion for 2015. We all know that the 40th Anniversary Celebrations will continue with lots more Singing Mushrooms. But the big question is what is going on in 2015 other then KD40 stuff. Before everyone gets excited thinking we are getting a cool B&M Wing Rider, or a 460 foot launch coaster, I want to say if these were in the works, we would have seen construction already. Last year I reported that there would be a small water park expansion along with a name change to Soak City. This did not come to pass, but it looks like this year it may be in the (Water) Works!
KD 5At this time we know survey markers have now appeared in back stage areas just south of Tidal Wave Bay. We have also heard a rumor that the Shoot the Curl slides will be removed.
I want to start with the Shoot the Curl. I find it hard to believe that they would be removing this slide to build another. They park has so much space to expand with in this area that there really is no need to remove anything. Shoot the Curl had a full line today when I stopped by the park. I feel like you always want as many slides and attractions as possible so its takes away from all the other lines. That’s why it’s a good idea to have 2 wave pools open on busy days. They hold a ton of people that would normally be standing in line. So I really don’t think that is going to happen, but I could be wrong.
Some rumors I have heard include an expansion of cabanas by the wave pool to include a full service swim up bar for adults only, sand volleyball, a slide complex like Dorney received last year, a mat racer and some kind of bowl slide. I really hope it may be a combination of those.
KD 2For fun I have taken two of the ideas I’ve heard the most and included some pictures to see if they would fit. Lets start with the North side of the park. In the past there have been slides removed in this area to make way for Backlot and another that went out over Lake Charles. I could really see a Mat Racer going in the old location of the Lake Charles slide. It would fit really well. Also for the fun of it I took a picture of the area that is currently taken up by the slide complex at Dorney and put it where Shoot the Curl is (its not a picture of the slide complex as Google Maps does not have it yet). Fits very well.KD 1
I think a big issue with adding any new slides to this section is how busy this area already is. You have to walk through it to get to the south side of the water park, and because of that it’s always really really busy. Putting more slides in this area would make it even more so. On really busy days it is very hard to get across the bridges over the lazy river creating a constant backup.
All of that area is rumored stuff so lets go where the survey markers are. As you can see a Mat Racer would easily fit in that area. They have so much room in this section of the park to expand with that they could really do anything.KD 4
Final thoughts, I really am happy they are expanding the water park. I would love to see a lot of cool stuff put in to this area including that adult bar. See you on the midway!

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