The Life of an Amusement Park Performer

K2We see them perform, we enjoy their shows, we may even sing and dance along, but what do we you know about those entertainers? Well, we decided to talk to one. We interviewed former Kings Dominion performer Kellie about her what led her to the park, what it was like performing there and what she is up to now.

Where are you originally from and what made you decide to audition for Kings Dominion?

I am originally from Newport News Virginia. My father is retired Air Force and is currently a federal government employee, so I have been fortunate to travel stateside and overseas as a dependent. I have been performing since I was a very young child and I love every moment of being on a stage. While my family was stationed at a Royal Air Force base in England I had the opportunity to tour with the legendary band “The Drifters” while I was in high school. I recorded an album with one the Drifters (Micheal Williams) “Find Your Wings” and performed as one of the original cast members to the “Unforgettable” show. I remained with the band for fours years and then started looking for opportunities to perform stateside. I actually auditioned for Kings Dominion while I was living in England. I was contacted through the Starnow website and was asked to send in a video of my vocals. I was offered the position of lead vocalist for “Got Country” and “Spin”. I flew straight from London to Virginia and began rehearsals the very next day!

What was the best part about being a Kings Dominion performer?

The best part about being a Kings Dominion performer was having an intimate setting so I could get up close and personal with the audience. I enjoyed making a connection with every audience, even if they were just passing by. I loved that I was able to meet and pose for pictures with visitors after the shows.
What did you do in between shows?

In between the shows I would just hang out with my cast in the dressing rooms and socialize until it was time for sound check. Sometimes if time permitted we would go on rides, but I usually tried to stay focused, especially before “SPIN”. Between shows for “Got Country” we only had time to really cool off, hydrate, refresh and go again. I also made great friends with the “Peanuts Rockin’ Party” cast as well.

Did you ever get to ride any of the roller coasters? If so, what was your favorite?

On several occasions after performing my last show, I would meet up with cast members and ride my favorite rides, the roller coasters!!! The Dominator and the Volcano were my favorites.

What was the craziest thing that ever happened during a performance?

KAnything can happen while performing in a live show. Having a squirrel jumped down on the middle of the stage during “SPIN” was one of the craziest things that happened during a performance. The scariest was when a visitor jumped on the stage and security was right behind him.

Which of the shows you performed at Kings Dominion your favorite to do?

I really enjoyed performing in both shows but my favorite show to perform was ‘Spin”. It had the most challenges, the highest energy and of course some of the best costumes.

Do you still stay in touch with the rest of the cast?

I still stay in touch with a lot of the cast members through social media and I have revisited with them back in the park as well as Florida.

So, what are you up to now?

After my adventures with King’s Dominion I established the stage name Kellie Rivers and recorded a music video “Held”. I have since separated from my past producer and now in the process of looking for another management team.
However, I am currently a singing princess for an event entertainment company in Orlando FL “Once Upon a Party” I am also a Disney Ambassador and a one year veteran as a magic maker for one of the Disney stores. Performing at KD was one of the best summers ever!

Want to keep up with Kellie?

Visit her websites:

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