Opening Day Do’s & Don’ts

DO get to the park early! Avoid long lines and large crowds by arriving when the park opens rather than later in the day. The parking lot will open at 9:30am, while the park itself will open at 10am.

DON’T head to Dominator first. You will be tempted to do this because it’s the only roller coaster running at 10am. The problem is, everyone entering the park with you will be equally tempted and most will inevitably cave and go running for it. The best time to ride Dominator is in the evening. I prefer to save it for my last ride of the night before the park closes. The line is at its shortest by that time on Fridays and Saturdays.

DO start at the back of the park and work your way to the front. At least half of the crowd will be distracted by Dominator or the Peanuts gang, so take advantage! Cut through Planet Snoopy and head past the Chic-fil-a to the newly themed Candy Apple Grove. Make a left at the Singing Mushrooms and go straight into Safari Village (formerly Congo). From here you can either continue straight to Volcano, or veer right toward Anaconda, Intimidator 305 and Flight of Fear. The lines will be much shorter and you’ll have a better chance at getting multiple rides in before the rest of the crowd catches up.

DON’T forget Volcano has a new queue this season! The entrance is still in the same place, but once you reach the main part of the queue you need to go left, as the right ramp is now the ride exit. Once you head left, go down the newly constructed staircase which will end at the new loading platform. If you’re a frequent rider, you may notice it was formerly the exit platform. Instead of placing your bags on a rolling cart, you will now walk straight across to place them in the article bin.

DO remember to check out all the amazing 40th Anniversary additions as you make your way back toward the front of the park! Anaconda is sporting a much-needed fresh coat of paint, and its iconic spraying water effect by the tunnel is back in action. The Singing Mushrooms are located in Candy Apple Grove (formerly The Grove) across from Dodgem. There are giant candy apples lining the entire midway, and Triple Spin has been renamed to Bad Apple to better fit the theme. Rebel Yell is proudly showing off its original colors along with a new sign and a string of running lights that are bound to look amazing at night. The fully functional floral clock has returned as well, and can be found nestled between Shockwave, the Carousel and Country Kitchen. Kings Dominion’s timeline can be viewed on signs placed around the Eiffel Tower, and don’t forget to check out the refurbished shops along International Street!

DON’T spend more money than you need to on food, beverages and park merchandise. Thirsty? Purchase a souvenir sports bottle for just $9.99. Refills are free on the day of purchase, and 99 cents all season long. Hungry? Take advantage of two all new dining plans. Dine all day for $29.99, or enjoy a single meal deal for $13.99 (only available online). Want to stock up on 40th Anniversary merchandise? Flash your season pass at the register and enjoy a 10% discount! Don’t forget your pass discount can also be used on food and beverage purchases. Be sure to check out for more details and online deals.

DO enjoy your day at Kings Dominion and ride on!

Written by: Ann Hills

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