Kings Dominion’s New Border Cafe

Over the years, Border Cafe has changed and tweaked its menu to attempt to draw attention to the often empty eatery which includes air-conditioned seating, a plus on those hot summer days. We have seen everything from Double Corn Dogs, Sliders, and even Cheese on a Stick. Some of the items have been more popular than others, but nothing has really captured and filled the tummies of the  hungry park goers.

This time, the culinary team at Kings Dominion has changed over the entire menu to a Mexican theme with items like burritos, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas. The menu has a set price of $9.79 and you can pick from one of the 5 options, most of which include chips.




When you approach the counter to order your food you will be given a clip board that will include the menu items and what you would like with it (see picture)





Here is my review on a few of the items I have sampled!

IMAG16332 Taco Plate

With this item you get 2 hard shell tacos with the toppings of your choice and a side of chips. I went with beef, lettuce, shredded cheese, black olives, and onions. This was the first item I tried at Border Cafe and after seeing the portion sizes for the other items, I have to say its not as good of a value compared to the burrito or other items. My favorite part of the Plate was the fresh fried chips! Over all, everything was very tasty.





This is my new “Best Value” at Kings Dominion. This item is a chipotle style burrito made to order and served with chips. You can get your choice of beef, chicken or steak all for the same price. The corn salsa and rice are made at the park fresh.



The burritos have taken over the “Best Value” title from Panda Express which raised their prices slightly over the off-season. When dining at Panda Express you always know what to expect in the quality and amount of food, and at the price they were offering made it a great value.  Now coming in under $10, you can get a very large burrito that tastes great!

You can also add guacamole, salsa, or queso for $1.59. Border Cafe does still offers the Woodstock Kid’s Meal for $7.99 and if you are in the mood for a churro you can pick on up for just $3.99!

Remember when you are out at the park this summer, they are no longer doing All-You-Can-Drink wristbands for $5.00. When you buy your souvenir cup, you get free refills that day and the rest of the season is just .99! This works out well for me, because I never filled me cup more than 5 times in a day.

Be sure to check out the new Border Cafe and I hope you enjoy it!


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